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Who is Incredible Health?

We are a team of real nurses who are trusted by over 500 Hospitals that will help you land a staff role you'll really love. We provide one-on-one career coaching, resume review and interview prep. We even schedule your interviews and connect you to interested employers —absolutely free!

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Frequently asked questions

1. Are you an agency?

Incredible Health is not an agency. We partner with healthcare employers to help you get a permanent staff position you'll love and where you’ll be an employee of the hospital with their competitive salary and benefits.

2. How much does it cost?

There is no fee, ever. We are always 100% free for nurses!

3. Why would we use you and not just apply directly with the hospitals?

We work directly with the hiring manager and teams. By creating one profile we match you to multiple jobs prospects. Additionally, we provide personalized 1:1 job help through every step of the process, including  resume review, mock interviews, and career coaching.

4. What if I'm not looking right now?

Not a problem. We encourage you to still sign up and create a profile. It only takes a few minutes. When you are ready to make the jump and start looking. Simply log in and continue where you left off. It’s that easy.

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What's your current role?

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Get personalized nursing job matches in your area  

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